Los Angeles

Perry Picasshoe is a 20 year old freelance painter and clothing designer based in Southern California.
Founder and creator of Picasshoe Clothing and hopes to be the future creative director for Gucci

Perry's ambition and predisposition for art surfaced at very young age. Determined to pursue a career in the arts and media, he dedicated his youth to honing his skills in painting, modeling, and filming. His efforts were rewarded as he is currently attending UCLA for Fine Arts and has been recognized by large brands such as Dickies, Fuji Film, Tik Tok, Zensai, and Arteza.

His work focuses on bleeding the line between the real and the surreal and can be described as Emotional Surrealism. This can best be described as Impressionistic Surrealism mixed with Contemporary Expressionism. Through his unapologetic brush strokes and concepts he constantly pushes the boundaries of contemporary art practices for a modern audience. Each work reflects his personal struggles such as dealing with bipolar disorder as well as exploring his stance in the LGBTQ community and Latinx community.

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